Reverse Mortgage Calculator
Find Out How Much You Can Receive

How do you qualify for a reverse mortgage? You can get an estimate of the funds available to you with a federally-insured reverse mortgage today with our calculator. No personal contact information required.

How Do I Use a Reverse Mortgage Calculator?

To get an accurate estimate from the reverse mortgage calculator, you must enter your estimated home value, existing liens on the property, and the age of the youngest borrower on title to the home. The amount you qualify for will be based upon this information, as well as the interest rate of the prospective product. The reverse mortgage calculator will then provide you with an estimate of funds you could receive after paying off any liens on the property.

Reverse Mortgage Calculators Help Convert Home Equity

A reverse mortgage is a unique product that acts exactly as it sounds; in reverse! The payment stream is reversed so that rather than you paying the bank, the bank pays you.

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As a young Senior myself, I truly believe in the benefit of being able to turn earned equity in my home into tangible cash that I can use to make my retirement years less financially stressful and more pleasurable! Lois Martin,

Loan Officer

“It is very rewarding to hear the excitement in my borrower’s voice after closing, and they know they can afford to stay in their home for the rest of their life.”

– Matt Riebeling, Loan Officer

Are There Any Restrictions on How the Money from a Reverse Mortgage Can Be Used?

Absolutely not. The proceeds from a reverse mortgage are yours to do with however you please.

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Not for use by New York borrowers.

Reverse Mortgage Benefits

Save with no monthly mortgage payments.
NO Monthly
Mortgage Payments

A reverse mortgage requires no repayment as long as the home is occupied as the borrower’s primary residence and the borrower remains current on all loan obligations, including taxes, insurance, and home repairs.

Never owe more than your home is worth.
NEVER Owe More Than
Your Home Is Worth

FHA reverse mortgage loans are non-recourse loans, and are federally-insured. You will not owe more than the fair market value of the home, as determined by a licensed FHA-certified appraiser.

Obtain access to additional funds.
Obtain Access To
Additional Funds

The funds from a reverse mortgage can be used to supplement a fixed income, to receive money to cover expenses, or in any way you wish. There are no restrictions on how you can use the funds from your reverse mortgage.

Maintain the title to your home.
Maintain The Title
To Your Home

Because the homeowner retains title to the home, not the lender, he or she is still responsible for property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and any repairs associated with home ownership.

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